I started my blog a few days ago and made a list of topics I would like to blog. Loneliness made it to the top of the list. Way to go loneliness!

I shared in my introductory post about this topic and will go into it again today. This thing we call “loneliness” seems to fill my humble abode everyday. It is sad.

A person alone in a foggy forest.

My living situation is quite different than many households and sometimes I experience shame regarding this. There is a constant quietness every day that would have other people shedding tears.

The most noticeable aspect of my household is that there is no radio blaring music, no television, no sounds of people with conversations, no traffic noise, no chaotic events or anything one would consider normal in a household.

Aside from my chocolate-colored retriever, who doesn’t talk to me, there are no people here – ever. There are no phone calls. Nobody knocks on the door to check-in on me. I do not have any family members. I do not have any friends. There are no letters in the mail; no birthday cards – not even any dearest sympathy cards.

I’m considered an introvert, but my life did not used to be like this. Many years ago I was out and about doing things, going places, working my butt off. However, as aging has set in, change in location and living with on-going illness, loneliness seems to have found a home. Loneliness has lived here many years now.

The only conversations I do have are the ones that are called “short banter” at the grocery cashier or the post office. Sometimes I can go weeks without talking to any person.

So this is why I started my blog; to give myself an outlet to express myself without hindrance. And maybe someone else out there in this big world who is experiencing something similar will read this and not feel so alone.

Have a good day. Floyd.

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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