Lucid Dream #102

Well, I was very hungry and my cupboards were showing signs of emptiness, so I went to the store and came back and prepped a big meal.

As is the case when I eat a big meal, after about an hour, I get really sleepy. Today was not an exception. So I eventually got cozy and fell asleep.

A sunset over a lake with a deep blue sky.

I normally get into REM sleep quite frequently and today was the same when I napped.

I also had one of my usual lucid dream experiences.

Today’s lucid dream experience was quite exciting. It went something like this…

I’m walking my dog outside. A police car drives by slowly and I turn to look at the police car. The police officer is looking at me and waving and has a big smile as to say “Hello!”. The car continued on it’s path for a few seconds when it stopped.

When the police officer waved at me, I had stopped and stood with my dog. I’m noticing that the police car had stopped, I thought he may be waiting for me to pass him by, perhaps to say a verbal hello as I walked by. A few more seconds go by and there is not any activity. At this point, a few more seconds go by and I’m wondering – is he waiting on me; or is he going to get out of his car? I stood a few more seconds and thought “Something is not right.”.

So, I quickly walked a few steps to get into line-of-sight so I can see him and I see that he is slumped over.

Immediately, without hesitation I knew something bad has happened. And, without thinking twice I had to jump into “Superman” mode.

I quickly walked up to the car, his window is down, I see him slumped over and out cold. I reach in to feel his pulse, I cannot find a pulse.

I grab my phone and call 911. The dispatcher doesn’t seem to comprehend that already 20 seconds has gone by and this officer is non-responsive, I become frustrated and decide to take action.

I put the phone in my front pocket with the speaker facing outward so I can at least talk and have two hands free. My dog is in tow, so I open the door, tie my dog to the door, reach into the car, put the transmission into “Park” and unbuckle his seatbelt.

Now the hard work began, he was a giant man so I grabbed him by the back of is collar and with all my might I begin to drag this man out of his car. I’m yelling, I’m only 5’8″, so I’m really putting in the effort to drag this man out of the car to the pavement to perform CPR.

After doing this, I put him in the proper position for breathing, yelling into the phone “CPR! CPR!”. The dog is going crazy yapping, I’m out of breath from hauling him to the pavement and then doing a few quick breaths to start CPR. I start compressions on his chest to the count of 8. Then some more breaths. Then, again more compressions. Twice again, back and forth. Suddenly, a cough! Oh my God! He’s back!

The part of this lucid dream that makes it a “lucid dream” is that I was able to replay the event four times in my dream and each time refining and getting the sequence of events needed in the correct order so that I could save this man’s life. It worked!

When the event was over, I looked up and people were standing afar who were watching what happened; some recognizable locals. The county sheriff shows up on the scene. The locals start clapping and I’m worn out and have to sit on the pavement a while to compose myself.

I titled this blog post “Lucid Dream #102” because I have already had at least 100 or more in my lifetime; so the next one I blog about will be “Lucid Dream #103”.

Have yourself a great day. Floyd.

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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