All the Music Created by Floyd Kelly

In 2013, I experienced a life-event that literally changed what I was doing in-life on a day-to-day basis. I became aware of the fact that there was not anything that someone would call a person’s legacy after passing away from this world. There was not anything that had the stamp “Floyd Kelly”. I chose the creation of music with a commitment to do it consistently. It is not the wisest choice, but I was enthralled by how technology allowed me to create something that tugged at my heart and share it with other people.

Please note that this blog post is not a promo for my music. I compiled everything for the person out there in this big world who may be new to creating music and may not have enough confidence. I do not have any education in the creation of music, none whatsoever. Along the way, I did find the tools that I needed to let my heart be filled with joy and if I can do it, others can too!

With the exception of “Sugar Sweet” which I will be releasing later this year (2021); all of the following pieces of music have been composed, sound-mixed, mastered, assigned to a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) and distributed either by physical CD (complete with artwork) or by online digital platforms.

Benevolence (2013)

  • This music release was my introduction into the world of commercial music. Most of this music is terrible to the ears; that being said, there are a few gems in this release and some have been the basis for music I later created. The most-liked by listeners is: The Forward Thinker.
  • You can download the entire album for free by clicking here.
Album cover for Benevolence by Floyd Kelly.


The Forward Thinker



Autumn Heart

Lovin’ Summer

The Tempest Life

Linda’s Song

The Doorway (2014)

  • Here in my second year of creating music, I ventured into a little more composing and away from dubbing in FL Studio. Most of this music is still terrible; that being said, the following are the favorites by listeners: The Forward Thinker (Thoughtful Mix), Towards the Light and Sepia.
  • You can download the entire album for free by clicking here.
  • I sincerely apologize to the folks at YIKIS for putting them through an excruciating listen while they reviewed this album. You can read their review by clicking here.
  • It was here on my journey that I discovered a valuable tool that will help you too if you are new to creating music. I purchased a book titled “The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory”. I highly recommend the book.
Album Cover for The Doorway by Floyd Kelly.

Normalities of Blue

The Forward Thinker (Thoughtful Mix)


The Doorway



Towards The Light

Kinsmen (Friendly Mix)

Welcome to the Next Level

Saying Goodbye


HeliosXII (2015)

  • This is my third music release and I guess I have to say that by this time I am somewhat addicted to the creation of music. So much so that I challenged myself to create one piece of music for 12 months, hence the XII in the title. Once again, my skills are still lacking, the music is not good. The favorites by listeners are: Hungry for Popcorn (featured in the United Kingdom), Ricochet (many Shazams) and Minor Destinies (used in a podcast),
  • Once again, I sincerely apologize to the person who reviewed this album. I hope they didn’t have to have ear surgery after listening to this terrible music. You can read the review by clicking here.
  • You can download HeliosXII for free by clicking here.
Album Cover for HeliosXII by Floyd Kelly.

No Turning Back

Hungry for Popcorn

The Maestro of Winter


Minor Destinies

Remember the Good Times

Marmalade Junction

Blue Reflections

Muted Lament

Holiday Wedding

Hearts of Honesty

Escape from Earth (2016)

  • This music release was quite the challenge. Aside from the composing of the music and sound-mixing, the printed CD includes a 20-page booklet which is a mini science-fiction story. My attempt at the story is somewhat strange and also intentional. At this time I was generating ideas for new technologies in the science world and was embarrassed by my crazy ideas; so I attempted to embed my ideas into the storyline. I was also experiencing hardship at home and experiencing trauma and depression, so it affected the music. Most of the music is mediocre, however more composed. The favorites by the public are: The Builders (featured in the United Kingdom) and Mr. Clue.
  • You can download “Escape from Earth” for free by clicking here.
  • You can view my crazy ideas for some new technologies by clicking here.
  • You can read about my strange synchronicity event related to this production by clicking here.
Album Cover for Escape from Earth by Floyd Kelly.

Echoes of Peace

Hope for More

The Builders

Dreamer’s Paradise


Keria’s Waltz

Mr. Clue

Intermission II

Crying in a Motel Room

So You Want to be a Hero

Wonder as a Child

Saying My Goodbyes (2018)

  • In my fourth music release, and if you listen to all the previous attempts at my creating music, one can tell I made a jump here. The music is composed much better and I was introduced to monitoring headphones which made a difference in the sound quality. The music is okay. The favorites in the public are: Guide Star Pegasi, Cries of the Flowers, The Rusty Violet and The Beacons of Hope.
  • You can download this album for free by clicking here.
  • The music CD insert contains my eulogy which is part of the music release. You can read about the creation of my eulogy by clicking here.
Album Cover for Saying My Goodbyes by Floyd Kelly.

Guide Star Pegasi

Cries of the Flowers

In My Time

Deep Sympathies

Melancholy Blues

Fields of Green

The Rusty Violet

Peace for All

The Beacons of Hope

About Some Flowers (2019)

  • I can finally say that I am proud of this music release. It’s still not the best when compared to pop music you hear regularly; but definitely worth a listen. I made a few mistakes but still much better. Thus far, the favorites in the public are Dandelion Breeze and Flight of the Black Daffodils. You can tell I put a lot of thought into the compositions.
  • You can download “About Some Flowers” for free by clicking here.
Album Cover for About Some Flowers by Floyd Kelly.

Sunflower Fields

Dandelion Breeze


Violets in a Dark Valley


Country Roses

Daisy Lazy

Flight of the Black Daffodils

Parfum de Florist

The Two Flower Vases

Lazy Daisy

The Lilacs in May

Autumn Flowers

Sugar Sweet (2021) – Releasing November

Hippy Almonds

Sunday Parfait

Gooey Icing

Raspberry Swirls

Purple Ganache

Sweet and Salty Caramels

Blue Candies

Smooth Cheesecake

Wonderful Chocolate

Vanilla Smoothies

Over-N-Out. – Floyd

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