With Deepest Sympathies…

You have been with me through the good times and the bad; the hard times, the lonely times, the “I don’t want to go to bed” times and the “I want to stay up all night” times; thank you coffee for being there with me.

A cup of coffee snuggled by a warm gray fuzzy blanket.

It is a rainy Sunday morning and today it is with deepest sympathies that I say goodbye to you my old friend.

As I savor this last cup of heart-warming goodness, I know I will not shed any tears upon our departing; mostly because you dehydrated me and my body doesn’t have any water to make tears for you.

I know you will be close-by, sitting there on the shelf at the store; and I will pay you a visit on occasion as I pass through your aisle picking out grocery items.

Thank you for yellowing my teeth, for making my skin wrinkly, for the bags under my eyes and for making me jittery when jittery was a thing. Thank you for making me pee, for making my breath smell like a loo and for giving me the energy to play hopscotch on a sunny afternoon.

Goodbye coffee. Floyd

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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