“Escape from Earth”

Hidden within this short science-fiction story and music CD is my out-of-this world idea to build what people call a time travel machine. That is in simple terms; but is much more elaborate in detail.

A photo displaying Floyd Kelly's music CD album cover titled "Escape from Earth", with the space shuttle in the foreground and the planet Earth in the background.

If you want to jump right to the in-depth idea, you can click here. The actual name of this project is the “STC Impulse : Directive 2051.2”

This is the real deal and not a flim-flam. The idea was spawned by the disaster we refer to as Fukushima (Daiichi) corium melting down from a major earthquake. I have been trying to find a solution to the radioactive release into the environment; which led me to some crazy ideas about creating:

  • A food replication device.
  • A space-time messaging device.
  • An EMP Shield device to protect cities. And, possibly,
  • A medicine delivery device.

I was intrigued with the results of the NASA – (Gravity Probe B) – The Relativity Mission – Testing Albert Einstein’s theory of space-time; which has proven to be true – as per NASA and it’s funders. Measuring spacetime curvature is where it all started and branched out from there.

I am constantly working on this project and have yet to find another person or entity to share my ideas; so there’s a good chance this idea will lay dormant on the internet.

I like to keep my blog posts short, so I won’t go into much detail aside from providing a link to the work I have already done and will come back to this over time in my blog; discussing ideas and mathematical things.

Also, in my bookmarks section of my Twitter account is a long list of postings from various organizations such as CERN, Fermilab and many other science-based technologies that I use as a guide or tether to keep me on track.

“Escape from Earth” (2016) was published with 10 music tracks and a 20-page science-fiction story with these ideas embedded in the storyline. Only 100 were printed and have been scattered around the country. There are only two left and a third-party is now selling this product for $969.00 on Amazon; of which I do not receive any royalties or monies.

I will be blogging more about this in the near future. It is my hope that one day we could fix the disaster known as Fukushima and prevent on-going contamination of the Pacific Ocean – destroying the food chain in the years to come.

You can read about the strange synchronicity event that occurred in relation to the production of “Escape from Earth” by clicking here.

Have a great day. Floyd

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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