Dreamland Disaster

As I mentioned in another blog post regarding my dreams; sometimes my dreams are filled with fun and wonky matters, and sometimes they are filled with the strange and bizarre where I meet strange people and find myself in strange situations. And then there are the dreams that have an impact on my psyche as I wake up – mostly because the dream was terrifying. Today I had one of these dreams.

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Today’s dream was about an earthquake and my attempts to try and save another person’s life just before the earthquake occurred. Many of my dreams seem to last a long time with a full story; but today’s dream was short and I found my self somehow transported into chaos.

At the beginning of the dream I find myself outside and people are scurrying about in the streets and in a state of panic, as if they knew something was about to happen to them.

A man, a stranger, sees me on the street and latches onto me for some reason. In the midst of many people in a state of panic; this man seemed to pick me out of the crowd due to my appearance. I noticed that he did not seem as frightened as everyone around us.

The man was strong and extremely handsome and we both start running towards a building similar to a historic medieval castle. As we go inside, we find ourselves in a crowd of people scurrying about looking for food. The people are so scared and in-need that they are breaking cabinetry apart and locked portions of the building to find stashes of food.

As I’m standing in one room, another man yells out “I found a stash!”, and I immediately see where it is and start grabbing items and throwing them into the air for people to catch. Myself and everyone seemed to be in a hurry as if we knew doom as about to strike.

I then usher the man I met on the street into a room and upon entering I realize there is too much glass. I quickly peruse the room and realize this is not where we want to be if we are to survive. The man sits down in a chair and starts thumbing through the pages of an old book. As he is doing this, I tell him forcefully that we need to get out of here and into an open space so we do not get crushed from the old-style blocks of stone that make up this structure. He refuses to go anywhere and just sits there. I plead with the man, grabbing him by the front of his shirt to come with me. Still, he refused.

I seemed to know that death was only seconds away and it was at this point I just told him, “Okay.” and I left him in the room as I quickly tried to find an escape. His refusal to make sense broke my heart and I started to cry because I knew what was about to happen to him.

I then find myself outside the walls of this structure and there are people standing around looking towards what appears to be an old aqueduct, similar to the ones from the Roman Empire. Suddenly, a crashing wave of water, debris and blood crash through – doom is now here. This was a major earthquake and only those who were outside this building had any chance of survival.

At this point the dream comes to a close in some ways. I do get to experience lucid dreams often and today was not an exception. Upon realizing that this was a dream, I was able to go back to that room to try once again to get the man to come with me, but I was not successful on the first attempt. I then tried again and he DID come with me which changed the outcome of the dream.

After saving this man’s life, we go outside and scurry to the highest point we can see which is a hillside; and, unfortunately there are only a few people who did the same. As we look to the right, we see this wall of water and debris swallowing everything in it’s path and the building we were in is now across from us and I see it has crumbled and all those people inside are now dead.

I experience many dreams and in the past I have had dreams about earthquakes and when I experience these dreams they really scare me – a lot. In the past, there have been at least two occasions where I had a dream similar to this one and within days somewhere in the world a major earthquake hits a heavily populated area causing much destruction. When I have one of these dreams I get worried about my safety and ask myself questions about my own preparedness in case of disaster. Sometimes I wonder if my dream is a premonition, but I think that is a stretch.

In my lifetime, I have experienced two major earthquakes; the Northridge earthquake in 1994 (6.7) and the Nisqually earthquake in 2001 (6.8). Both terrifying. And, in addition to those earthquakes, I have experienced several other earthquakes in the 4.0 to 5.0 Richter scale range; and although not major, just as scary.

And on this note, I’m going to go outside and enjoy some sunshine. – Floyd

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