About Some Flowers

In 2019 I published my 6th music release/album “About Some Flowers”. After 7 years of learning, late nights, frustration in composing and sound-mixing and commitment, I think this is my best as a home-recording artist.

A photo of the colorful music CD album cover titled "About Some Flowers" featuring many pink flowers.

“About Some Flowers” is all instrumental and created electronically. I try to set myself apart from the usual electronic music one expects to hear in this genre by focusing on composition and mixing the sounds as if a real band was playing.

/ Sunflower Fields / Dandelion Breeze / Jasmine / Violets in a Dark Valley / Chrysanthemum / Country Roses / Daisy Lazy / Flight of the Black Daffodils / Parfum de Florist / The Two Flower Vases / Lazy Daisy / The Lilacs in May / Autumn Flowers /

You can download the entire music album “About Some Flowers” for FREE, by clicking right here.

Thus far, I have created two music videos to accompany this music and may do a few more in the future. Here are two videos, “Dandelion Breeze” (my favorite) and “Lazy Daisy”.

Thus far, the favorites by listeners are “Dandelion Breeze” and “Flight of the Black Daffodils”.

“Dandelion Breeze” from the music album “About Some Flowers” (2019) by Floyd Kelly

“Daisy Lazy” from the music album “About Some Flowers” (2019) by Floyd Kelly

Feel free to leave me comments if you like this music. I am working on my 7th music release/album now and will be out by November 2021, it is titled “Sugar Sweet”.

Have yourself a great day. – Floyd

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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