What are the odds of this happening?

What are the odds of this happening? This is my true story.

An image showing an incomplete painting of the NASA space shuttle.
Image created by Floyd Kelly which is part of “Escape from Earth” (2016).

I wrote the science-fiction story “Escape from Earth” and the accompanying musical compositions back in 2015-2016. I published the 20-page booklet – complete with a story, a plot and some crazy graphics in 3D.

Within a portion of the story is the idea of specialized cities in the future that would provide for the mass production of NASA’s space shuttle – except on a larger scale to each hold 107 people – in a last ditch effort to save as many people as we can – to “Escape from Earth”.

During the graphics production for the booklet; I utilized 3D models which are free and available to the public for use. I managed to locate the 3D models on the internet at NASA for the actual space shuttle and multitudes of other related models.

Download NASA Space Shuttle (Hi-Res) by clicking here. The gantry 3D model is available by clicking here.

In graphics production I utilize a 3D application named “Blender” – and what a wonderful application it is – thanks to the volunteers of the world who have created and maintained this application for many years. Within the application is the ability to produce copies of objects and place into arrays. One day I imported the models for the space shuttle and gantry; playing around with the POV camera to get a nice graphic to help tell the story (as you can see at the beginning of this blog post). In this case, a camera shot which shows many space shuttles being built at the same time.

A screen capture of Floyd Kelly working in Blender 3D.
Screen capture of Floyd Kelly working in Blender 3D creating an image of several NASA Space Shuttles.

OK, now stop and remember what you just read.

Skipping ahead about 5 years in time.

In five years time, the actual prints (only 100) are distributed somewhere out in the world. The music for me, long forgotten. Life went on without any fanfare related to my publication. It was an experience that allowed me to make a strange attempt to show that it may be possible to traverse space/time based on the results provided by NASA et al. producing the Gravity Probe-B Experiment – Testing Einstein’s Universe.

The “Escape from Earth” production was eventually renamed “The STC Impulse | Directive 2051.2” and you can read about my wonky ideas by clicking here. I update this continuously.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Walmart and wanted a new movie to watch. The movie “Geostorm” on display grabbed my attention. “Ooh… a new cool movie” … I thought.

Later, as I am watching the movie and also experiencing the storyline unfold (not knowing anything about the movie ahead of time) – I was somewhat in a state of wonder. The movie release date is 12/6/2017. And in these moments, the strangeness of our universe unfolds before me as I’m captivated by the unfolding storyline.

It seems, that as I was writing the story “Escape from Earth”, a production company far away from me was using the same elements to tell a similar story. There is a scene in the movie showing almost the exact camera POV I was working with in 3D in 2016 (multiple space shuttles). And, the idea of the satellite network in the movie is also present within my story. Also present in Geostorm are the climate change ideas, the level of authorities (characters) within the story as well.

There is a scene in the movie Geostorm which shows the multiple space shuttles; a discerning eye can see that the production company did the same thing I did; which was downloading the NASA 3D models and replicating for a camera shot.

What are the odds of this happening?

The difference in my storyline is the addition of quantum physics, artificial intelli and the idea of creating a bubble in space/time that would contain the effects of radiation contamination from the Daiichi Power Plant in 2011 (Fukushima earthquake disaster).

While writing this; I went and grabbed the one copy remaining and read it – it’s out there in terms of space and time.

When I watched “Geostorm” I could not help but experience wonderment with the question of how I could write a story very similar to another person’s story somewhere out there in the world. It’s important to note that I published “Escape from Earth” one year before the release of “Geostorm”, so I beat them to the punch.

What are the odds? How can this be?

Very interesting indeed!


Perhaps someone in the world took notice of my small production. The maximum I could charge for this product was a mere $9.99 through the online distributor. A third-party has found one of the two remaining for sale on-line at Amazon and is selling my product for $969.00 – I don’t get any of that. To this day, I have received zero dollars from this product.

A screen capture of Floyd Kelly's music CD for sale at Amazon.com for $969.00.
Listing on Amazon.com for “Escape from Earth” (2016) by Floyd Kelly.

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