Dear Kaylee

Please forgive me if I did not live up to your expectations in life. You left so quickly that I have a hard time believing you are gone. Please know that I care for you very much and that you were the light of my life; you were the light of other people’s lives as well and to the whole world. I have never met a being like you and I will never forget you.

Floyd's dog, Kaylee - a very special being.

We went on a lot of walks! You loved the world. Your joyous nature brought joy to me and others.

It’s painful not seeing you here, it’s painful knowing you are gone forever. The tears I cannot hold back. I loved you so much – you were my best friend.

You were so forgiving and loving and kind. You never hurt a creature in your whole life.

I am going to write a song about you – The Flowers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please be waiting for me when I get to heaven. And Bebe too! Remember BeBe?!?

I’m so sorry that I did not appreciate you more. I tried the best I knew how. I did what I could to make you happy and I hope that you know that I did not want you to leave me.

If there are angels that you can talk to, please tell them that I need help to go on in life. I need your loving spirit with me at all times.

I will miss you Kaylee, you are and will always be my friend.

Floyd Kelly

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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