Read the 5 Blog Posts My Readers Missed

I was looking through my statistics for what readers found on my blog and realized there are some that were totally missed. In this blog post, I would like to write about the 5 Blog Posts My Readers Missed in this past month.

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I know people are busy with their day-to-day lives and I do not expect people to be sitting at their computer or their mobile device anxiously awaiting what I have to say, so I’m definitely not stressing about posts that did not get read by any person. That being said, the following list is just a note.

Here are the 5 Blog Posts My Readers Missed from the past month –

  • “Escape from Earth” – I blogged about my music and story production titled “Escape from Earth” and my crazy ideas for creating a device to contain the effects of radiation from Fukushima (Daiichi) flowing into the Pacific Ocean. The post is very in-depth and ventures into other ideas such as the creation of a “Food Replicator” and an “EMP Shield”. (Serious)
  • Dreamland Fun – A blog post about some wild dreams that I have experienced lately. (Humor)
  • Recipe for Moogblarfen Sandwiches – In this blog posting I reveal the way to prepare a delicacy only found in a far away land called Gnome Land. Yes, gnomes know how to cook! (Comedy)

Again, I thank you for reading and I hope this next month I will be able to write some more inspiring blog posts. Today, I will keep this post short and wish you the best.

Have a great day. – Floyd

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I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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