And the beat goes on…

I am glad that winter is over. I am easily affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and every year winter knocks me down. (SAD) takes a toll on my abilities to create music, which is usually a fun hobby. During the winter months, my abilities are slow and the creation of music becomes a chore. But then comes the Spring season with the warmth of sunshine and everything changes.

A photo of a page of sheet music lying on top of piano keys.
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The effects of the new season – In the past week I worked on finishing four new music singles that have now been officially published and distributed to on-line streaming platforms –

  • Purple Ganache – A big-band sounding piece of music that is energizing and has a bold brassy full color.
  • Raspberry Swirls – A fun piano styled piece of music which is mostly syncopated chords with a standard drum beat. I like how the piano is full of warmth.
  • Keria’s Waltz (Fine Mix) – This piece of music is my favorite. I coupled a traditional piano sound with a chorused piano to give this piece of music some unique brightness. This is a remix of “Keria’s Waltz” which appears on my album “Escape from Earth”.

So, springtime is being especially good this year in my humble home. In addition, I found this week that I have now been added to Pandora streaming music platform – which is curated and can be tough to get on the platform.

Thank you to LANDR for making the mastering of music very easy. Thank you to the distributor, DistroKid for making it very easy to self-publish music. Thank you to the on-line streaming platforms now providing my music to listeners: Apple Music, Amazon Digital Music, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam and there are others that would make a very long list.

I have more music coming in the next month and I hope you have a great day. – Floyd

Published by Floyd Kelly

I'm a simple man living in a rural mountainous area.

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