The Age of Despair

In 2016, I published the short-story “Escape from Earth”; which is set in the year 2051. Previous to that publication is the short-story “The Age of Despair”, set in the year 2048. I abandoned that project due to it’s emotional impact on me as I was writing the story. Here, I am posting the work as-is, because I believe it to be important.

Title of Text:  The Age of Despair

August 22, 2046
Blue Mountain
President J. McGuthries

Ladies and Gentlemen, moms, dads, the young, anybody who hears my voice. Please stay calm. Please stay calm.

2 Years LATER

The following voice TR threads were reconstructed by LEXIA A.I. via UNS CODE 3145.6 – Geo Platte 34.2554R33 – RECOVERED OBJECT – TR:4388:HISTORICAL – FILENUM:38200288383$PERS JENN, AUSTRIE:DATA TRANSLATE

Today is August 4th, 2048

I am Austrie Jenn, a Green Circle volunteer; originally stationed at Camp T-2 LASKO – MED TEAM 183 for the masses of people fleeing the Seattle, Vancouver and Portland metro areas. Most that we have helped are the elderly, the disabled, and those with earthquake injuries. Our med teams have noted a prevalence of tumors in many medical cases. Doctor Michaels believes most were radiated starting decades ago when the 3 corium melted at Fukushima. The cumulative effect has taken it’s toll on our biosphere.

I and my colleagues were forced to flee our relief camp and ordered to relocate as far from the cities as possible. A stampede of thousands of people roared through our camp and they took everything – everything that wasn’t nailed down – gone.

By orders of Commander Demler, we have evacuated inland.

The National Guard and NATO tried to do the best they can rescuing as many people as possible. With so many people displaced and no access to the grid, those needing insulin, heart, anti-retroviral and psychotropic medications have been among the first to experience despair. Our medical supplies are depleted.

Zika and Dengue fever carrying mosquitoes have expanded northward and I try to inform people to cover themselves and abstain from intimacy. It has been a long road and many have faltered.

We managed to get in 4 miles today. I’m worn out. We are travelling highway 90 heading east to Idaho. I’m not sure how many journal entries I can record before my battery is depleted. I don’t know if anybody will ever find this.

In the last few months, we managed to find an abandoned motel with a room to shelter until it too was overrun by a mob and we fled. It has been 2 years since the methane cataclysm and the Cascadia events. The horrible days that have followed seem never-ending. I break down and cry when I think about the millions of people who have fled on-foot out of the coastal cities and the souls lost in the shockwave zone.

As Doctor Michaels clarifies it, “It started with the yedoma.”, “Earth’s atmosphere had warmed enough to create a runaway geothermal flux which eroded the hydrate stability zone and released the methane embedded in the Eastern Siberian Arctic shelf – giving way to the expansion of a 20 gigatonne patch of methane from the subsea permafrost.”

The shockwave reached Anchorage, parts of Mongolia, and eastern Russia and instantly took the lives of many in concussion and suffocation, many who survived at the edge of the shockwave are now deaf.

In his address, the President said the expansion was so powerful it has knocked Earth off it’s rotation and pushed Earth into a slightly new orbit. The domino-effects have only made things worse for us. There is no good news. Within minutes of the methane cataclysm, the shockwave triggered the Cascadia sub-duction zone ripping open and caused a continental earthquake and tsunami unlike anything anybody had ever imagined. Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Galveston, Houston, New Orleans, from Miami and all along the eastern coast, Hawaii, London, Northwestern South America, Mumbai, China, Russia, Venice, Italy – all the people in the outlying smaller communities have perished or have been displaced by either earthquake damage or permanent waters.

Evacuations have not been expedient over the years and 20,000 people in the Republic of the Marshall Islands drowned. It’s heartbreaking. Mt. St. Helens is doing it’s whammo and the Midwest Rift has come alive.

Within 3 months of Cascadia, we lost the electrical grid in western parts completely, causing the gamma-shine event – all life in line-of-sight – gone.

Millions have fled, most by foot. We are caught up in a mass of people.

The National Guard set up camp zones at 250 mile perimeters of metropolitan areas but most have not held and most were overrun by the masses of people. We are far beyond the perimeter, our fuel gave out months ago, and we are travelling by foot, bicycles, carts and trailers. Every place we have travelled thus far – the motels, cafes, eateries, the stores all trampled and gone through.

The people have named it “The Great Exodus in North America.”

All along the west coast, mostly everybody fled to the east in panic and those in the Vegas area fled to the Salt Lake City area only to meet more misery with no water for the populace. With only a few feet of water in Lake Mead – Vegas was officially declared abandoned by Governor Nellis.

The raging summer wildfires in the Colville National Forest has slowed travel and some days the smoke is thick and we all have a hard time breathing.

Everybody around us seems to be in a constant state of stress and fear; we’ve seen thievery punished by the mobs.

We have been on the road 2 years now and we’ve seen it all… marauders, people gone wild in desperation. Nobody has been spared, neither class nor ethnicity. From bankers and Hollywood bigwigs to the poorest of poor, all are now at zero; all balances are nil. As a result of these disasters, banking and the insurance companies collapsed overnight and the domino effect shut everything down.

Way out there, beyond the wheat fields that stretch for miles; there are people suffering; we have no idea what is still up and running. We hit jackpot a few times at places south of Highway 90 with a few abandoned stores.

The smell of dead people is prominent in the area here.

We have been collecting dandelions and other wild flora to keep our health up as much as we can. We came across potato, carrot patches and lots of wheat fields but we are unsure if it is safe to eat. We’ve seen many flowers with fasciation and it seems we are being invaded by whiteflies. The camps were abuzz today about the Shelton conflict in North Carolina. My heart grieves for all those people at war in the New Southern States – all the suffering it has caused. Those that said “run to the hills” only sent people into more misery with rifles at every turn, there were conflicts with scared people protecting their livestock and lands which were overrun.

The President declared the Appalachians a no-go zone.

There are rumors in the camps about a weather event of F5 tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, so I’m not going to travel that direction.

My friends and I have banded together and help each other and we try to help as many people as we can.

All of us, Creston, John, Linda and Doctor Michaels encourage everyone we encounter to band together in peace. Our lives have been shattered into massive homeless caravans travelling however we can to get to a place to call home again.

I, myself and most everybody I talk to agree that we are forgotten; as we have been travelling in this caravan for 2 years now with curd packets and water packets limited. We take our chances with water collection and purifying methods due to the possible radiation contamination of the water – we have no choice.

There used to be military helicopters at least every other day, but that was six months ago. This past winter took it’s toll; Dr. Michaels who we met last month says there are reports of about 200,000 people in the Cascades who perished last winter from cold, disease and injuries. He iterated, “That’s just the Cascades.”

We met Doctor Michaels and his friends on Hwy 90 with their vehicle down. He says he works for NOAA as some kind of techie guy. Finally, somebody who has a good mind. It’s hard to keep my wits some days due to the myriad personalities we meet everyday, usually all somewhat “freaked out” from hunger or severe scalp itch which creates severe anxiety. Scalp itch is very pronounced.

Thus far, we have managed to find a stranded vehicle on the road here and there with a good battery to hear the radio. When we do find a radio, we only hear static.

Since the methane cataclysm, we’ve heard 3 alert messages and there’s been 2 presidential addresses. The last media or news we have experienced was 12 months ago. We usually make camp at any vehicle with a radio until the battery is gone.

I think the eerie part about all of this is the prevalent sound of shopping carts on the asphalt roads – so many. There are no planes or helicopters. No truck or car engines. The sounds of babies crying has diminished in the camps. The children do not play; as they too are tired and hungry. We can only travel about 7 miles a day on a good day.

We have been using shopping carts and makeshift carts to carry supplies and tents and take turns riding on occasion. We are all in great emotional distress – as for the past three months, every Tuesday and Thursday at about 9 am we see four rockets taking off very far off in the distance, north.

Hey Jenn! I hate to interrupt your journaling, but I really need to speak with you. I’m here with a group of people who are friends and we want to talk to you about something very important.

Okay, so, what’s up? Care for a splash of tea?

Sure. So. Ummm… Since we joined your caravan a few weeks ago we have watched your actions and have been mostly quiet, to ascertain if you would be one of our special group. You see, I lied about working for NOAA; I’m actually a special operative in a worldwide enterprise that operates at a very high level – and – we have been working for years to create a solution to all the suffering going on around the world.

Four of us were on our way to Seattle for diagram spec verifications when all heck broke loose and we have been caught up just as you. About 3 miles back, beyond the ridge, you did not see them, but there are 12 camps and we are all part of the mission that I was currently working. Our goal is very specific and we have banded together in friendship, peace and sharing.

Spearheaded by my colleagues we have entwined a sense of hope for those who we see as having the mental skills to cope, adapt and move forward in peace. We have also made it a point to mostly stay away from “the herd” and be cautious to avoid possible TB and Zika in the camps. We also have information that could cause a stampede and it is important we slowly get the information out to people, very slowly.

Our group is heading north. I know everybody is heading east, but we need to head north. When I say north, I mean all the way into Canada. We are travelling Hwy 95. There is a special place for us. We would like you to join us. [picture]

Here. In my hand are two bottle caps from soda bottles. It is a symbol that you belong to our group. Our caravan has a meeting at sundown everyday at the main campfire and we start our meetings with a pledge with two bottle caps in hand – that we band together in peace, to do no harm to another person, to survive, to get to a better place — we band together in peace, to do no harm to another person, to survive, to get to a better place. In short, we call ourselves the Bottle Cap Club. I know the idea of holding two bottle caps in your hand may seem strange, but they’re everywhere … so I collect them to use as a symbolic gesture of all we have left. The bottle caps can represent two people. The idea has taken hold and there was just four of us but now there’s a big caravan.

Ahem… what is this “special place” you just mentioned. And, what is that in your other hand?
Oh that…that is a c.o.m.m.

A c.o.m.m.?

Yep, a c.o.m.m.

Ahem, care to elaborate?

Hehe, it is my comm-relay to ESCOMM which is a special command center attempting to communicate our geo-position to an artificial intelligence. My comm transmits a sophisticated code at certain frequencies to connect to the series 3 A.I. systems – as you know there’s been no WiFi or LiFi – satellites are out of alignment since the cataclysm – the new SATNAV networks should be coming on-line any day now; the A.I. needs to connect to one of the VLBI arrays in South America and the VLBI on Asgardia in order to complete our location.

I belong to a special group of people from all around the world who have been working and designing things at a very high level to create a – what one may say – a mecho-societal lifeboat with minimal human intervention.

Ahem, what kind of vegetables did you eat this morning?

Mr. Jenn, those four rockets you see every Tuesday and Thursday are not nuclear warheads. They are part of a sophisticated lifeboat initiation that was activated by an emergency code at a very high level years ago. Those rockets you see are shuttles of materials needed for assembling the new powerful satellite network in space that uses nano-technologies and laser systems to create special things.

Ahem, I still want to know what what veggies you ate.

I’m being serious. There are those amongst the general population that have worked in secret for years on an automated lifeboat to get the heck off of this planet.

Ahem, Did I put too much dandelion root in your tea or something?

I have data that needs to get to this special place I just told you about – it is called a med-centric city; which was constructed just a few years before the methane cataclysm. The city is designed to be automated by artificial intelligence and uses whatever networks are available to control supply-chains reaching around the world and aggregate raw materials and supplies needed to create an emergency escape option via a space program – it allows us to escape the ravages of disaster on Earth. The program was started way back in 2016 and has been in development for many years.

Ahem, I could swear I only put one dandelion in that cup.

This med-centric city is part of a project called “Escape from Earth” and it used to be a classified secret but is no longer. The city has been receiving and helping people for a while now; we just need to get there. There’s medical attention and food for us all. There is another med-centric city, which is only just now being constructed in North Dakota, but we don’t have two years to wait for them to receive people. So we need to get to Brighton-2 Creek Station up in Alberta. Once LEXIA A.I. has pinpointed our location to my comm – an automated food drop by way of a SEPIA-Stratobus should be up north to help us get to Med-Centric City #172.

Ahem, 172?

We are going to just south of Banff National Park, that is Med-Centric City #172 – there are that number of cities being constructed and activated all around the world on every continent as we speak.

The goal of each automated city is to administer health and enlist individuals into a training program to transport any person to the stars of the galaxy and beyond by way of a very sophisticated space program.

As soon as my comm is updated by LEXIA A.I., that is the cue that the first of many space faring vessels will be taking people from all around the world to places in the universe to search out a new home – a new planet to live. Our planet can no longer sustain us.

We should see the city’s beacon off in the distance and the proton arc in the ionosphere when LEXIA has completed the network.

This is all true. A group of people, known as “The Builders”, many years ago knew this was all coming and knew we did not have much time. To save time; the designers, simply took the NASA space shuttle orbiter and made it larger to hold 107 people in the cargo bay area. The vessel is called an IXP2 and uses anti-grav technology to escape earth by using special materials and a special satellite network.

The vessel was completed years ago and then it was deconstructed to the molecular level and transferred to 3D-data streams and nano-technology streams for cloning. My field office in Fort Collins, Colorado is where the E.F.E. “I WANNA GO” campaign was initiated and enlistment leaflets for all people are being dropped in the northeastern states and the south.

If you come with us, we will be travelling up Highway 95 to cross the border. It will take us a while and our health is important. As I said, as soon as LEXIA A.I. connects there will be food drops up ahead. This is going to be a journey that will test your mental and emotional cohesiveness. You need to be centered, try to find some joy of some kind along the way, be at peace, share and when we get to the outskirts of city; you can decide if you want to enlist in the program.

Last report I had seen was about 80,000 people in the receiving camp areas at the entry to the city. This is the real deal. This same scenario is playing out all around the world. There are 38 countries involved in all of this.

Come with us. We are leaving at sunrise. And remember, we go slow. We don’t need any spranged ankles or feet blisters and never forget – never let your feet get wet.

Ahem, I don’t know what to say.

What kind of diagrams are on that c.o.m.m. thing? Looks interesting…

Oh, ahem…
MS-2 Neutralino Catalyst
Nano-notch sims
Koch-2 Snowflake Targeting
Using nano-drones to cover tundra to act as a shade and maintaining cooler temperatures?
Using water and light.
Creating the speed-bump to intersect with the Large Hadron Collider – to exceed the speed of light.
LOG ENTRY 3984.22 SEC7 // Approved // Primary Mission is to activate the STC Impulse. GO SEC7

[Time goes by, new journal entry.]
We found a map at a Zip’s in Chewelah and have managed to avoid Spokane. We made it through Newport, Oldtown and we decided to stay east of the Selkirk. We are tired. Eating just beans doesn’t cut it. It should be a straight shot north to get to Radium Hot Springs – about 120 miles from here. We have had to go slow and found some cardboard and marked them up with signs saying “Peace” as we have trekked through the Kaniksu National Forest and the people here are on-edge. People can see us coming for miles – we want no trouble.

Comm Diagrams

Proton Arc

The methane disaster concerns gained major prominence with a 2010 paper in Science by University of Alaska-Fairbanks researcher Natalia Shakhova and her colleagues, who examined methane emissions in a very remote area of the Arctic, the East Siberian Sea north of Russia.
The Gravitational Lensing and Gravitational Shielding in this story inspired by articles by Fran Aquino, ___ University. Thanks to Rice University for the ___ experiment.

Message about agreement that zero latency is not attainable due to the geodetic effect. LEXIA a.i. Recommend measuring by <= 1 zeptosecond and divided by 10. The bi-cubic structure of the helium will be perfect for the foundation of the entire STC Impulse process and delivery as well as the replication of pre-calculated quantum diagrams.

Ms2 Neutralino Catalyst drawing proxy

Koch2 Snowflake Targeting

Large Hadron Collider layout

Gravitational Stuff

2 page spread is pages 10 and 11

secret messages

dr. brokus, up to no good

stc impulse

The med-centric cities utilize one pylon of “Thor” – shown to be successful it’s success years ago in Iceland to harvest geothermal energy by The Iceland Deep Drilling Project’s rig which drilled three miles into old lava flows in Reykjanes with the hopes of producing energy for 50,000 homes.

Sponge supercapacitor see MIT

The Escape from Earth saga continues with

This ordeal has forced us all to see our true selves.


Copyright 2016 Floyd Kelly

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