Escape from Earth (Full Text)

In 2016 I published the short-story and booklet “Escape from Earth”. There is only one copy left in the commercial market, so I have converted the booklet to a web page format for all to read. “Escape from Earth” is the continuation of “The Age of Despair“.

Title Page illustration of Escape from Earth featuring a modified space shuttle hovering planet Earth.
By Floyd Kelly (2016)

11 December, 2051 18:12 (TR:CL)

Brighton-2 Creek Station; Alberta, CANADA

UNS Med-Centric City #172; 21,120 in attendance

Thank you all for your good spirits tonight. Tonight is a special night for us. Tonight, we light this beacon to declare the opening of UNS Med-Centric City #172. Thank you to the partners in the UNS Peace Alliance for your concerted efforts to ensure our success.

Tonight, I look upon a crowd of my fellow brothers and sisters in the human race who have come from far away places. Many of you have experienced despair, heartache and suffering. My heart fills with a warming peace as I now see you all with hope.

Tonight, we also remember the many lives lost and the suffering of people all around the world. To the victims of the gamma-shine event; the countless millions of oceanic sea life destroyed; to the victims of the methane cataclysm and those who experienced the Cascadia events – the radiation scourge and the wildfires. This beacon of remembrance is lit for you.

To the victims of the Zika virus, disease and hunger; this beacon is lit for all of you. To those of you displaced by the permanent coastal flooding; and, to the massive caravans of people crossing the plains of the Americas, in search of water, food and a new home; this beacon is lit for you. Come. Band together, be at peace with one-another and come to the beacons. To the countries of the world; each with troubled times, earthquakes and coastal flooding, Italy, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of the Marshall Islands – this beacon is lit for you.

We also remember the heroes of our time who have risen to this occasion; plucking lives from the teeth of disaster. This beacon is lit for you. Our goal has always been; from the beginning – Help as Many People As We Can.

So; here we are. Those of you in this crowd are about to embark on a journey so grand; it was not conceivable just a few decades ago. With the advancement in nano and bio-tech, nano-drone technologies and the series III a.i.; we have created a lifeboat. You all here tonight are recuperating from the ravages of our own making and irresponsibility. Now, we come together to help ourselves one last time. Those who have gone before you were once hungry and in need of medical attention; those who did their part in the Escape from Earth project are now traveling amongst the stars of the galaxy in search of a new home.

I still remember, 30 years ago; when our world’s scientists and scholars calculated we are now living our last years as a species on this planet – our home – Earth. It hit me hard. To realize, that we truly do need to find a new home.

This is it ladies and gentlemen – moms, dads, and the young. This enterprise has been developed with an explicit purpose of allowing as many of you to leave our planet in search of a new home. Help as Many People As We Can. Remember, as you progress over the next year in your training; you are building your new home away from home – take pride and be responsible.

As I have always said; if we are going to use the last of our resources on this planet; we might as well put it to good use with one last hurrah for humanity. Thank you to the 38 countries participating in our species’ next and greatest endeavor. Thank you to the enterprising spirit of the many talented and brilliant individuals who have toiled much to create this lifeboat for all of us.

I join you in your future discoveries. – Cedar Jackson, M.D.; Co-Founder EFE : (TR:302)

2053 Feb 2 :IXP2:3284: The crew has retired for the sleep cycle. We’ve been hold up here. The crew is starting to become hungry and we are worried. It’s been 4 days since the x-Ion2 drive malfunctioned. KERIA a.i. is unable to establish contact with ESCOMM. Colonel Meyers seems a little on-edge.

Doc placed Corporal Jenning into cryo; he has the schisms. The crew is restless and there was a fight over a muon bar. The children are calm but I can see worry on their faces. We try to keep them occupied with the 3D-VR sims. We are adrift in deep space. Colonel Meyers has initiated SOS Beacon protocols. Embedded In these log entries (CAT09827) you will find the first clues for building the first quantum L-Jump for our rescue and, more importantly; for sending the STC Impulse into the past. GO SEC7

KERIA a.i. is having problems calculating O2 levels for the 107 crew. Mr. Hutter passed in the last sleep cycle. I’m feeling weak – food is tight. The x-Ion2 drive failure damaged our third redun, so we are unable to replicate muon bars – gamma rays killed all seedlings in the plant growth module. Please help us!

If you are reading this message, we are lost and out of time-phase +.2 on the Jacobi9 with 59.2% Compression (RA, Dec = 244.7373, 7.4006) x r(2) KIU43928817).

Protocol Pegasi, the Koch2 Snowflake combined with the SIFs and SQUID* technologies are the keys to finding us. Our rescue is secondary to the primary mission – to send the STC Impulse into the past. GO SEC7 APPROVAL

Colonel Meyers still has the shakes; and is still manageable. KERIA a.i. has 90% control of the IXP2 to conserve as much as possible. The phase lines imprinted into the beacons and the upgraded Niobium nano-grid working with the gyro spheres will hopefully help in our rescue; albeit in a very long time. B.LAUNCH 2388 GO SEC7

WARNING I have to brace myself – they say it packs a wallop when the beacons launch! INCIDENT EVACUATE Window cracks in plant growth module.

LOG ENTRY DO2272.2 Dr. K. Tellidge; Renault University – The Reevin; or as the peoples of the world will nickname them, “The Crashers”; are a bizarre species Doc Palaedon calls “pragmatic phasaerians”. Do not be frightened; as we have all seen over the years what they did for us. When we decoded their first messages and surprisingly, video of their species’ capabilities, yes, we became worried. With their powerful ability to collapse entire solar systems, crash planetary bodies into others to form new worlds and snuff out stars – a lump formed in our throats. Amazingly, they gave us hints with the axion detection protocols and the Echoes of Peace music discovered in the Trellis material they brought into phase; meant for us. Answers to our environ problems may be within the Trellis, but is speculation.

Thus far, nobody has been hurt by The Reevin; with the exception of possible petty-theft of Niobium* discovered by forensics – we found trace waters from the surrounding first-contact site at the theft area.

We believe they are over open waters not to use as a resource as we do; but to harness the ocean’s wave patterns at a quantum level, which they replicate and utilize for energy – replicating waves out of phase. Quite clever. After 16 summits; the University 3SG and the higher-ups agreed that we may have a symbiosis effect which may date back to the time of the forming of the world’s oceans. They also agree that it is possible that The Reevin revealed themselves only because we built the Large Hadron Collider*, the ATLAS* upgrades and the preliminary axion detections – it leads some to believe we could possibly succeed with the STC Impulse. What this means for their species is unknown. f GO SEC7 88.ZETA :: L1

If you are reading this; I am approaching 88 years old in your time; KERIA a.i. has informed me that with the qL-Jump failure and space/time variance, I am now 448 years old. It’s something that I have a hard time grasping in my mind. KERIA a.i. informed the crew we are near Orange Med Proto 9 – meaning; my crew will go into a deep sleep and this entire vessel becomes a cryo. There is no rescue and we will drift amongst the stars for too many years to count. We knew this could happen, so we re-fitted the beacons with a super-HV initial impulse – scattering them amongst the stars at high-speed so hopefully one-day we may be found. We suffered micro-fractures – the jolt when we launched the beacons was something else! Only half the nano-drones are responding for repairs. I’m hopping mad at Mr. Brokus, – KERIA a.i. is showing that the qL-Jump failed because he sabotaged the L grid on the gravity-wave vector mods which then collapsed the Minkowski* manifold.

LOG ENTRY DO2274.0 Dear President J. McGuthries. I write this log entry as one of my last here on the USN IXP2 #3284 – 107 crew. We are lost. We are off-the-grid and have initiated an HVI Beacon sweep. This correspondence will be my goodbyes to you and your family. It has been an honor to know your family over the years. Thank you for the accommodations you have directed this way – ensuring the success of so many people. If you told me back in 2026 that my dream would come true; that a new future could be made possible by and for the people like what we did – I would not have believed you. The series III a.i. informs me, to-date, 348,914 men, women and children from all around the world have now escaped our planet. The med-centric cities supported the construction of the IXP2 and provided jobs, housing, food and health care for any person who wanted to get a guaranteed ticket to ride the IXP2. Thank you for supporting the “I WANNA GO” campaign – giving every person on the planet a chance to go to the stars – no matter rich or poor, no matter ethnicity or disability – every person gets a chance to go. Remembering back – we needed options, the people were scared, worn and hungry. We gave them this option – they said yes – creating the brigades of citizens you termed as The Builders – a legacy in our evolution. Thank you for your tireless efforts to do good for the people. f Oh, if you recall the conference in the oval office when they mandated multiple launch platforms on every continent – yes, that was me that stained your paper with chicken grease – you thought it was me and even though I lied – you have given me heck over the years about it – the humorous colors of your personality have always been there. f I wish you all the best. On a closing note, please tell Chef Becker, compliments on the fried chicken – it was always a treat to get his crispies at the White House.

LOG ENTRY DO2273.7 The nano-drones are still not functioning properly; if we can get 35% ops there is some hope for us. Colonel Meyers agrees; we will have to utilize one of our four MS2-Neutralino catalysts – the 3-month mini-sun to let us grow new food in the plant growth module – that is, if we can repair the window cracks and get the drive up again. KERIA a.i. will suspend Med Proto 9 if the crew can get the repairs started.

The series III a.i. Includes KERIA, SEPIA and LEXIA. KERIA is everything in knowledge and aggregation for space-faring vessel construction, deployment and robotics. SEPIA is responsible for ensuring supply-chain for people/medical needs in the med-centric cities, transport and construction. LEXIA accumulates and processes all data from all libraries and knowledge bases and provides XM super-calc – all three work together to provide an automated lifeboat.

LOG ENTRY DO2278.4 Becky Somerford; URCEF Comm Adjunct f Please tell us why there are wings on the IXP2 like the NASA space shuttle : FOR Lisa Melisse, 5th Grade, Myriam Park Elementary; Fayette, Iowa f Hello to Lisa Melisse, I hope you are doing well. The IXP2 shuttles are a much larger design, yet similar to the NASA space shuttle including the ability to land. The landing process can be activated one time only. As each IXP2 travels the stars; KERIA a.i. will activate the landing process only if a suitable planet with a supportive environment is found. KERIA a.i. and the captain of the IXP2 must agree. In the case of sleep-cryo; and the captain or crew are unable to respond, KERIA a.i. has sole discretion. The IXP2 can only land once because the specialized launch platforms and satellites do not exist away from Earth. Once the IXP2 has landed; the life mods deploy and that is where the crew will hopefully make a new home. Thank you Lisa!

The original shuttle was expanded in design to include more footage; a much larger footprint because of the new launch process eliminating many weight issues. The original cargo bay area expanded and converted into a living module for 107 people. A 2-bar (one-up and one-down) installed the length of the living module provides tag-teams via straps; allowing for faster and more streamlined movement throughout the vessel. Each personal living/ sleep module provides continuous Virtual Reality ed-sims for education and entertainment and low frequency muscle stimulation to minimize muscle and bone loss.

Sherry Terrington would like to know why there are no rockets to get into space. Hi Sherry! Hope you are doing good in school! The dangers of many flights and the possibility of a mistake – the risks too great – we now utilize special imprinted materials for anti-gravity along with EM-nano-drone technologies and em-Micro-thrusters attached to the IXP2 while at the gantry. Instead of a powerful blast using dangerous fuels and endangering many lives; this alternative to getting into space is in some ways like a really big helium-filled balloon – a fun ride indeed. Lasers are on-board satellites in Earth’s orbit working in conjunction with lasers on Earth. The lasers guide the vessel upward. The satellites are positioned in a radial pattern to create a specialized column of travel for the IXP2. Once the launch has been activated; the vessel is unclasped at the gantry and slowly rises; starting slow and gradually accelerating the vessel to the exosphere. It takes about 18 hours to be free of Earth’s gravity. The Em-micro-thrusters regulate the momentum with a Em “speed bump” once per quad to create a gain of at least 35 percent. Once the vessel is at a pre-determined distance away from Earth, the x-Ion2 drive and the qL-Jump allow for propulsion through space. Thank you Sherry!

LOG ENTRY DO2281.6 TOPIC$.PER6012f Qualan Caprison; EFE Recruiting Field Office; Fort Collins, Colorado : I need help on describing the med-centric cities and the EFE Project enlistment to our 11th graders at a local high school. f Thank you Mr. Caprison. f Each Med-Centric City is part of a worldwide and final enterprise. Many organizations and countries around the world are part of this. To repeatedly build vessels and send people into space; it requires the sustained resources of a mid-sized city. With participation and focus on health; each person in a med-centric city is one of The Builders – building our future in space.

This is a peaceful project with zero tolerance for criminal behavior, violence or incitement. When an individual signs-on to the project; they will train as if in a boot-camp but in a relaxing and structured way. Families live in housing appropriate. There are ground trams, air trams and mag-carts for moving around; so no need for automobiles. There are parks and recreation; softball, swimming, a water park, golf course, med facilities, gyms, gravity sim aqua tanks; ebooks to read – even holo-3D theaters, quite popular for classroom.

Each person signing-on is medPrism verified; strengths and weaknesses calculated and placed in appropriate housing conducive to well-teams. Your well-team will be your new family. For one year, each individual must pass certain physical and mental tests to eventually graduate and receive a ticket to ride the IXP2. The graduates then mentor the next group for a period of one month, followed by 6 months of hands-on skills and labor for materials replication, technical calibrations and assembly to build their own home. Each individual must understand that they are signing-on to build their own home. We need any and all skill sets.

The Med-Centric cities are centered on an individual’s health. Everything is monitored using the medPrism network. After “boot-camp”; individuals will work as assigned and play and live as normally until the 3 month pre-flight phase. Children will go to school and get extra-curricular sports and activities. Those needing BMI adjustments will have positive tailored programs. Individuals will slowly transfer from normal food to the muon bar diet. Each new sign-on receives 1,000 unicredits which can be used at local shops with brands familiar. Unicredits are used to purchase muon bars, approved foods at eateries, clothing, hygiene products, attend theaters and shows, buy children’s items, household supplies and electronics. f

It is very important to remind those wanting to sign-on – that this is a one-way trip – there is no coming back – at least not for a very long time. When the individual signs – if everything goes well – in 24 months; the individual will be on-board an IXP2 heading out into our galaxy searching for another planet like ours. Programming of the IXP2 and Keria a.i. will not allow the vessel to return for 500 years and only if the landing process has not been activated. Those with large families may be broken up into several well-teams. Parents may elect to postpone 1 cycle to increase familial placement within the same well-team. Those 18-24 will perform the entire program twice and are given special recognition. Those 18-24 receive coaching training for inspiration as they will eventually be the “head of households” for each well-team. Those 18-30 will be encouraged to hone their mental acuity across many fields of study and reasoning skills via neuro-3D UI curriculum. Adults with “handyman” skills are important. Each well-team contains “handy persons” to “think outside the box” in case of needed repairs of unforeseen mechanical issues while traveling the universe. Elderly and disabled ride a specialized IXP2 and 2 in 10 vessels are required specialized.

Enlistment does not forsake rights or supersede laws of local jurisdiction or higher governance. Triage for Zika and TrH-Variens. TBC137 proto 2053 5 by 5 sym

LOG ENTRY DO2291.6 Things you will need to build the STC Impulse include: SQUID* (Superconducting QUantum Interference Device) (See GP-B experiment via NASA); SIFS (Self-Iterated Fractal System) and always remember symmetry along with Oscillation and Modulation. The Cosmological CT is within range of 0 to .10 / Lorentzian* Q=1 / The SIFS gradient array can be 1, 2 or 3 for multi-resolution sub-division by 10 and zero Latency. On April 3, 2021 walk across Piedmont at 14:07; look to your right; the two people – you need to talk to immediately and say Green Gluon; this is your shortcut to the Gravitational Lensing and you will get your 3 Points on Curve and the Spiraling Pulse through Iconotube with Doppler Spectroscopy. Don’t forget the final Differential Equation. Tom has the docs to help you with the Parallel Translation. On July 18, 2023 at 15:30, corner of Main and 1st Ave; buy that one book on Curvature Tensors and Stress-Energy Tensors on the bottom shelf. You will need to contact Tim Baxter Jr. at Zee Signus 3 Corporation for access to the binary to ternary modules which you will need for the Dark Matter Derivative where 0 = off, 1 = on, 0+1/.5=none,minus,or,all . On August 27, 2026 in the blue room, the person on the left, behind the dark screen – is wearing glasses and the monitor may be missing on the left. On October 2, 2029 a man will forget an envelope that has your key to the notch nano and how to run the sims. You need to order your cheeseburger at 13:05. Wait until the tall man finishes his apple pie and leaves the premises completely; it is in the booth. On March 12, 2032 at noon; you will be approached; stay calm; you will receive a gift. On June 3, 2039 wash hands after eating the fried chicken. On April 8, 2041 at 13:05; call agent Tibideaux.

Help Us!

If you are a high-school student or in college, we need you! Perhaps, you are wondering what skills may be needed in the year 2051. Perhaps you’re prospecting for a career-path. If you ever thought of becoming an engineer, scientist, astronaut, physician, computer programmer, mathematician or a fun-filled 3D-wizard; we need people with these skills in 2051. If you are reading this, you have a chance to become one of The Builders and create a lifeboat for us all. We may not get another shot. Seek out a better tomorrow – even in the midst of turmoil in the world. Stay in school; study hard, stay focused, stay off drugs, be humble, turn away from violence and work towards the future. You will make a difference. Imagine cities around the world; on every continent; operating like a turnkey system where multitudes are part of this single purpose — To get as many as we can off this planet and into space.

Credits – “Escape from Earth”, Music Compositions, Sound Mixing by Floyd Kelly

Arrangement, Album Artwork and Liner Notes by Floyd Kelly; Mastering by Joey Cutless

Music Created with FL Studio 12 Producer Edition and Merlin Creative GM Soundfonts. Sheet Music is available. // Open Font Gidole and Chunky Five under Open Source License and B Font under GNU Open Source License – IXP2 is a derivative of the 3D model of the shuttle orbiter and the gantry provided to the public via NASA* and Lockheed Martin*. Images created w/ Blender 3D. Thank you Archive 3D. Thank you to Dave Ward “Jonesy” character, used with permission. Watermarked high-resolution images available via the world wide web. Earth images credit ARC Science and Face of the Earth™ . (*Thank you to Francis Everitt, Clifford Will, Richard Fairbank, George Pugh and Leonard Schiff; the persons with curiosity and dreams who brought us the Gravity Probe B experiment in conjunction with the incredible work by people at MIT, Stanford University, NASA and Lockheed Martin and all those who participated in the Gravity Probe B experiment – “Testing Einstein’s Universe”) (Albert Einstein). Thank you to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. The information provided to the public on the GP-B inspired me to create parts of this story.

(* Term or name – I do not claim ownership of anything related to said term. person or entity, merely reference). Story writing, graphics, music compositions, mixing, mastering for “Escape from Earth” began March 1, 2015 and ended in March 2016.

LOG ENTRY DO3777.7 PERS$ Cedar Jackson 2036 8 December The time has come to put aside differences and hatreds; for our days are here. The time is here and it is time to be good people and allocate our remaining resources to enduring mankind’s legacy. No more wars, no more hate, no more death. The relentless burdens upon our planet will not cease; the damage – done. We need a lifeboat. As each year passes; our predicament will become more apparent by the saddening news around the world. All of you, men, women, children of the world – the ones with curiosity and dreams – the time is yours for the taking. Your steps as an individual in gaining knowledge is paramount. Perhaps in 500 years; after the ravages of radiation around the world have begun to dissipate; perhaps we may return to our home. It may be as long as 3 ice-ages. It will take many years to get masses off of the planet; but we can begin and keep doing it and see the numbers rise, year after year, like turnkey, sending as many as we can to places beyond our imagination. To hopefully find another Earth-like planet where we may thrive again.

FINAL LOG ENTRY DO3872.2f I join my crew in saying goodbye. Perhaps; some time in the future; some derivative of ourselves will return to Earth to begin again. As time goes on, the effects on the world will intensify until one-day; there are too many with illnesses and too many disasters. Perhaps some will live-on with mutations that will become normal and the cities will crumble; the infrastructure of civilization returning to the earth. Our story in time will become a persistent quiet that will reign across the lands as our species dwindles to smaller numbers year after year. Escape from Earth while you can.

The fictitious names found in this fictitious story are purely coincidental.

The STC Impulse

It acts like a “time machine”. However, instead of transporting humans; this particular “time machine” is meant to send a very small instruction packet via qL and to a point in Earth’s past. You will be directing the STC Impulse into Earth’s timeline at these geo coordinates (37.421292, 141.032765) and refined to Ottozawa – Okuma, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan; year 1971; T defined before or around February 22 to March 22; calc by geo at Building A, Room B, Desk C, Computer D, Circuit E, Pathway F. The STC Impulse is the smallest switch which will turn a 1 to a 0 on a cpu pathway at a different point in space/time and and go “unnoticed”; interrupting a circuit board in the year 1971 and preventing the startup of the Daiichi Power Plant nuclear reactors. The STC Impulse must be in place before the first activation or use of the chosen circuit board. The pulse creates a ‘bubble’ starting at that point in space/time to prevent functioning even if replacing the circuit board; nothing will work at that geo point and forward in our timeline – it has a half-life of 50 years.

If the STC Impulse is successful; we may save millions upon millions of human lives and the lives of countless oceanic life; we could save the food-chain; making the environmental corrections to prevent sterility, still-born prevalence, widespread agricultural failures, waterway contamination, hunger and radiation-related illnesses around the world.


“Escape from Earth” Floyd Kelly ©2016

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