Recipe for Moogblarfen Sandwiches

A rustic photo of an old-style tea kettle and coffee urn over an open flame outdoors.

In the big cities abroad where the tramps and the whores play, nobody out there thinks that gnomes would have anything good to eat or any good recipes that will knock your gay socks off. And how they are wrong! Famous in this part of the world are the infamous and wildly entertaining Moogblarfen Sandwiches. And today, on my cooking show, we will bring joy and long sexual life to you if you only eat one of these sandwiches a day. Here on….

The Cooking With Farley Show

Every year, like clockwork, my family comes together to celebrate the annual rising of the Pumpkinhead Squirrels and this delicacy is our favorite. It takes patience and care to properly make these but rest assured the time spent creating these is time well spent.

Here are the things you should get at the grocery man place:

(Feeds 8 small-size gnomes. Larger gnomes, increase ingredients by 2)

12 Red Herring
2 lbs. Anchovies
1 lb. Sauerkraut (dried for 5 days) (Now if you are wanting to prepare this delicacy, be sure to buy and begin the drying process of the sauerkraut, 5 whole days before you start cooking this yumminess.)

Now, moving on.

8 oz. Prune juice
1 Cantaloupe mashed
1/4 cup Pine Nuts

1 cup of your favorite high-alcohol content cough syrup
1 loaf of Sourdough bread
2 lbs. of cooked beef liver
1/4 tsp. of salt
32 ounces of your favorite malt liquor
1 cup of pickled beets

First, take the herring and anchovies and mash together.

Oh, yeahhhh, mash and smash and bash and gash and keep mashin’ and smashin’ and bashin’ and gashin’ until the mixture resembles a gnome butt with heavy cellulite.

OK. As I just mentioned before. You will want to prepare ahead of time the sauerkraut, it needs to lay in the sun for 5 whole days so it is quite dried out.

So here, you will add into the herring and anchovie mix all of the beautiful and simply gorgeous dried sauerkraut.

Now … Add the prune juice and let it set for about 2 hours.

While that is setting, mash the cantaloupe really good. Add the pine nuts, cough syrup and my favorite, the pickled beets.

You will want to boil the beef liver in the malt liquor until the beef liver is very tender. Now if you are unsure as to what brand of malt liquor to use – I have a few suggestions that would really spike up this wonderful recipe. For those of you on a low budget, there’s Fraddigan’s Barely Barley or there’s Red Dragon Shits Brew – which is a dark malt.

Now, be sure to add some salt (just a grain or two will do) into the beef liver and malt liquor mix.

When the liver is done you will want to drain off the remaining beer that did not get absorbed into the beef liver.

Pour it off into a pitcher so you can easily fill the glasses later.

This wonderfully delicious and aromatic malt liquor can be served in shot glasses along with the sandwich later on.

For each serving, take a slice of sourdough bread and spread onto it a heaping scoop of the herring and anchovie mix.


MMMmmm HHHmmm…

Now, layer on top of that about a tablespoon of the cantaloupe mix.

And finally, on top of all of this, add one super gigantic heaping scoop of the liver and malt liquor mix. There you have it! A Moogblarfen Sandwich!

To eat this fabulous delicacy, Simply fold the bread to make a nice gnome-sized sandwich.


Please send me an e-mail if you enjoy this delicacy.

P.S. you will need tums afterwards

A gnome.

Discovering the Gnome Congress

It has been several years since I have visited Gnome Land and for the most part, I just forgot it existed because it is so far away. Today I happened to find a leaflet describing the Official Gnome Congress.

A funny photo of a small gnome swinging in a tree.

Reprinted from the Gnomepolitan Express

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
The Official Gnome Congress

Gettin’ away with thuggery things here is somewhat difficult. Only because we have so much official gnome governance here that nothing be private. The Gnome Congress be puttin’ their fat moldy fingers in everything we do. ….. Regulatin’ ….. Watchin’ ….. Listenin’ ….. Peerin’ through the peepholes of the outhouses. They have good intentions though; they just wants to make sure our little town can compete with the big cities abroad.

We have our Official Gnome Congress. This congress be constitutin’ many councils that regulates everything from outhouse etiquette to instructions on the bakin’ of beans. Here be a short list of the gnome folks that be makin’ all this stuff up:

The Official Gnome Congress

  • The Gnome Council on Foreign Quagmire Relations
  • The Council on Gnome Recipe Exchange
  • The Gnome Council on Literary Guidances
  • The Gnome Council on Toe-Tapping Toilet Relations
  • The Official Fireplace Gay Decor Regulatory Compliance Board
  • The “Kick ‘Em in the Shins Festival” Planning Committee
  • The Hot Potato Handling Techniques Committee
  • The Cinnamon Recycling Council
  • The Proper Gay Relationships Suggestionatory Board
  • The Council on Wild Gnomenclatures
  • The Official Gnome Council on Gnome Councils
  • The Gnome Bowling League Championships Regulatory Commission Board
  • The Limp-Wristed Writers Guildance
  • The Elders of Councils Chad-Countin’ for “Gnominate-a-Gnome Day”
  • The Council on Frayed Shoe Laces and Over-worn Lederhosen
  • The “Don’t Scare the Groundhog” Oversights Committee
  • The Gay Valentines Day Festival Guildance

and finally the

  • Gnome Public Intoxications Relief and Urinal Matters Committee

So we’s be hopin’ that you now have a better grasp of our Gnome Governances. As you can see – we’s be coverin’ just about everything to make a true, happy and psoriasis-free Gnome country up here.

As of today, we’s be havin’ several openin’s for seats on these councils. If you would like to apply and make a big gay difference in our town, please send fifty-pence in a stained envelope with name and address for an official application to:

Mrs. Breece McSavory

573 Trotshire Road #123213

Over and Out. – Floyd

Life’s 10 Unanswered Questions

I have been blogging quite a bit lately, and I see on my organizational chart that some heavy-duty topics are at hand and I want to procrastinate for a while. So today, in lieu of awe-inspiring information about me; I offer up some unanswered questions. Maybe someone out there in the blogosphere has some answers.

A photo of question marks made out of paper.
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  • Why do jackhammers make so much noise on a Sunday morning outside the bedroom window?
  • Is it acceptable to throw un-boiled eggs into the air and not care where they land?
  • How long should a person wait for a steak at the restaurant when it is closing time?
  • Is Mary taller than Greg if Greg is shorter that Stephen when they are standing on a trampoline?
  • If life is like a box of chocolates, then can we also say that the time spent in the bathroom is like a bucket of potatoes?
  • How often should a person shine their shoes if they are working in a meat-packing facility?
  • Today we have Windows 10; that being the case, will there ever be a Windows 364?
  • At what time should a roast be removed from the oven if there is an earthquake in progress on a Saturday evening?
  • If a person owns 6 dogs and decides to get a kangaroo; do you think they will ever all get along?
  • Is it a sin to flatulate while sitting in a confessional booth at that big honkin’ church on Main Street – (not the one on Lucerne Avenue, but the one on Main Street)?

If you have the answers to any of these questions, I would like to hear from you. There are not any prizes or gift certificates, but you may help oodles and oodles of people out there in this big world who have been wanting the answer for a long time.

I rest my case. Floyd

About Dandelions

Dandelions have sunk their roots deep into history. They were well known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over a thousand years.

by Anita Sanchez
A photo of some dandelions up-close with droplets of morning dew.
Photo by Anthony on

Dandelions were a common and beloved garden flower in Europe, and the subject of many poems.

by Anita Sanchez
A photo of a dandelion blowing away in the wind.
Photo by Pixabay on

The use of dandelions in the healing arts goes so far back that tracing its history is like trying to catch a dandelion seed as it floats over the grass.

by Anita Sanchez
Dandelion Breeze by Floyd Kelly, from the music album “About Some Flowers” 2019

They have more vitamin A than spinach, more vitamin C than tomatoes, and are a powerhouse of iron, calcium and potassium.

by Anita Sanchez
A photo of a dandelion and it's seeds being carried away in the wind.
Photo by Pixabay on

Their wide-spreading roots loosen hard-packed soil, aerate the earth and help reduce erosion.

by Anita Sanchez
A colorful close-up photo of a dandelion blowing in the wind.
Photo by Nita on

Dandelions are fast growers, the sunny yellow flowers going from bud to seed in days. But they are also long-lived – an individual plant can live for years, so the dandelion lurking in a corner of the playground might be older than the children running past it.

by Anita Sanchez
A filtered close-up photo of a dandelion partially decaying.
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on

Dandelions are just plain fun. The dandelion seems to be the flower earmarked for children: In park or garden, it’s the only flower a kid can pick without getting into trouble. A child in a field full of dandelions need never run out of things to do: Blowing on dandelion puffballs can tell you if it’s time to go home, how many years until you get married, or how many children you’ll have – and of course, if you catch a flying dandelion seed, you can make a wish.

by Anita Sanchez

You can read “Ten Things You Might Not Know About Dandelions” by Anita Sanchez by clicking here.

Dreamland Fun

As I write this blog post, I would like to note that I am in my late 50s – so I’m grown-up and have matured. There are things that I did in my youth that I would not do today because, well, I have grown up and matured. That being said, I experienced a dream tonight that was a replay of something that happened in my early 20s.

A dog wearing funny sunglasses.
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Some people do not like dreaming and there are some people who do not recall their dreams. I am not one of those people. I dream a lot, so much that I actually look forward to sleep because I know I am going into dreamland. Dreamland isn’t always fun, sometimes it can be quite terrifying. Tonight I experienced a dream that was a two-parter – meaning, the first part of the dream was a reoccurring dream and it transitioned into a replay of something I did in my youth.

The first part of the dream was about a restaurant that I have already visited in a dream a long time ago. I do not know the name of the restaurant. The eatery is a lot of fun! I have never been to a restaurant like this in real life. The place is over packed, very loud and there’s hardly any wiggle room.

What makes this eatery so unique is that the tables are over-packed with plates and glasses and food, food, food – so much so that there is not any room to put anything because there are too many plates and glasses and too much food. I recall that the Thai noodles are so powerful in spice that you have to have a literal giant glass of water on-hand – tonight was not an exception. Also, Chef Rudy from the CBS TV series “Mom” made an appearance in this dream tonight. He served me and I told him I have not been here in a long time. In a “Chef Rudy” way, he simply looked at me as he was filling my water and he kept saying “No you didn’t, no you didn’t, no you didn’t” repeatedly.

A photo of some railroad tracks that lead off into the distance with a green landscape of fields and trees.

Dreamland is a strange place. Tonight was not an exception; tonight I transitioned up the tracks to a replay of a time in my 20s. I was a naughty young man.

After I had escaped the trauma of my childhood and teen years I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. And, after my military service I became a wild man. When I say wild I mean funny, funny, fun, fun wild man without a care in this world and I existed only to have fun and be hedonistic in some ways.

In tonight’s dream I visited the White House, not to be confused with the white building in Washington D.C. – we termed our residence the white house because it was big, it was white and had a Victorian-style architecture. The house was situated on “Greek Row” in Los Angeles. “Greek Row” meaning we were in the heart of the fraternities for USC.

As usual with fraternities, the Friday and Saturday nights can get out-of-hand with wild and unexpected behavior from young people drinking in excess. I was not any different. One night, on our roof at the white house, a man arrived with a bunch of eggs; by bunch I mean crates. I now feel sorry for the people who were to experience our drunken mayhem that night. One by one, the egg crates were emptied; each lobbed into the air as high and far as we could throw. The yells below from the partiers were, well, let’s just say, loud.

I would go into details about the splishes and the splashes and the yolkiness of it all, but using your imagination, I think you can visualize the experience of egg bombs causing mayhem.

I’m going back to sleep now. Floyd

All the Music Created by Floyd Kelly

In 2013, I experienced a life-event that literally changed what I was doing in-life on a day-to-day basis. I became aware of the fact that there was not anything that someone would call a person’s legacy after passing away from this world. There was not anything that had the stamp “Floyd Kelly”. I chose the creation of music with a commitment to do it consistently. It is not the wisest choice, but I was enthralled by how technology allowed me to create something that tugged at my heart and share it with other people.

Please note that this blog post is not a promo for my music. I compiled everything for the person out there in this big world who may be new to creating music and may not have enough confidence. I do not have any education in the creation of music, none whatsoever. Along the way, I did find the tools that I needed to let my heart be filled with joy and if I can do it, others can too!

With the exception of “Sugar Sweet” which I will be releasing later this year (2021); all of the following pieces of music have been composed, sound-mixed, mastered, assigned to a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) and distributed either by physical CD (complete with artwork) or by online digital platforms.

Benevolence (2013)

  • This music release was my introduction into the world of commercial music. Most of this music is terrible to the ears; that being said, there are a few gems in this release and some have been the basis for music I later created. The most-liked by listeners is: The Forward Thinker.
  • You can download the entire album for free by clicking here.
Album cover for Benevolence by Floyd Kelly.


The Forward Thinker



Autumn Heart

Lovin’ Summer

The Tempest Life

Linda’s Song

The Doorway (2014)

  • Here in my second year of creating music, I ventured into a little more composing and away from dubbing in FL Studio. Most of this music is still terrible; that being said, the following are the favorites by listeners: The Forward Thinker (Thoughtful Mix), Towards the Light and Sepia.
  • You can download the entire album for free by clicking here.
  • I sincerely apologize to the folks at YIKIS for putting them through an excruciating listen while they reviewed this album. You can read their review by clicking here.
  • It was here on my journey that I discovered a valuable tool that will help you too if you are new to creating music. I purchased a book titled “The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory”. I highly recommend the book.
Album Cover for The Doorway by Floyd Kelly.

Normalities of Blue

The Forward Thinker (Thoughtful Mix)


The Doorway



Towards The Light

Kinsmen (Friendly Mix)

Welcome to the Next Level

Saying Goodbye


HeliosXII (2015)

  • This is my third music release and I guess I have to say that by this time I am somewhat addicted to the creation of music. So much so that I challenged myself to create one piece of music for 12 months, hence the XII in the title. Once again, my skills are still lacking, the music is not good. The favorites by listeners are: Hungry for Popcorn (featured in the United Kingdom), Ricochet (many Shazams) and Minor Destinies (used in a podcast),
  • Once again, I sincerely apologize to the person who reviewed this album. I hope they didn’t have to have ear surgery after listening to this terrible music. You can read the review by clicking here.
  • You can download HeliosXII for free by clicking here.
Album Cover for HeliosXII by Floyd Kelly.

No Turning Back

Hungry for Popcorn

The Maestro of Winter


Minor Destinies

Remember the Good Times

Marmalade Junction

Blue Reflections

Muted Lament

Holiday Wedding

Hearts of Honesty

Escape from Earth (2016)

  • This music release was quite the challenge. Aside from the composing of the music and sound-mixing, the printed CD includes a 20-page booklet which is a mini science-fiction story. My attempt at the story is somewhat strange and also intentional. At this time I was generating ideas for new technologies in the science world and was embarrassed by my crazy ideas; so I attempted to embed my ideas into the storyline. I was also experiencing hardship at home and experiencing trauma and depression, so it affected the music. Most of the music is mediocre, however more composed. The favorites by the public are: The Builders (featured in the United Kingdom) and Mr. Clue.
  • You can download “Escape from Earth” for free by clicking here.
  • You can view my crazy ideas for some new technologies by clicking here.
  • You can read about my strange synchronicity event related to this production by clicking here.
Album Cover for Escape from Earth by Floyd Kelly.

Echoes of Peace

Hope for More

The Builders

Dreamer’s Paradise


Keria’s Waltz

Mr. Clue

Intermission II

Crying in a Motel Room

So You Want to be a Hero

Wonder as a Child

Saying My Goodbyes (2018)

  • In my fourth music release, and if you listen to all the previous attempts at my creating music, one can tell I made a jump here. The music is composed much better and I was introduced to monitoring headphones which made a difference in the sound quality. The music is okay. The favorites in the public are: Guide Star Pegasi, Cries of the Flowers, The Rusty Violet and The Beacons of Hope.
  • You can download this album for free by clicking here.
  • The music CD insert contains my eulogy which is part of the music release. You can read about the creation of my eulogy by clicking here.
Album Cover for Saying My Goodbyes by Floyd Kelly.

Guide Star Pegasi

Cries of the Flowers

In My Time

Deep Sympathies

Melancholy Blues

Fields of Green

The Rusty Violet

Peace for All

The Beacons of Hope

About Some Flowers (2019)

  • I can finally say that I am proud of this music release. It’s still not the best when compared to pop music you hear regularly; but definitely worth a listen. I made a few mistakes but still much better. Thus far, the favorites in the public are Dandelion Breeze and Flight of the Black Daffodils. You can tell I put a lot of thought into the compositions.
  • You can download “About Some Flowers” for free by clicking here.
Album Cover for About Some Flowers by Floyd Kelly.

Sunflower Fields

Dandelion Breeze


Violets in a Dark Valley


Country Roses

Daisy Lazy

Flight of the Black Daffodils

Parfum de Florist

The Two Flower Vases

Lazy Daisy

The Lilacs in May

Autumn Flowers

Sugar Sweet (2021) – Releasing November

Hippy Almonds

Sunday Parfait

Gooey Icing

Raspberry Swirls

Purple Ganache

Sweet and Salty Caramels

Blue Candies

Smooth Cheesecake

Wonderful Chocolate

Vanilla Smoothies

Over-N-Out. – Floyd

With Deepest Sympathies…

You have been with me through the good times and the bad; the hard times, the lonely times, the “I don’t want to go to bed” times and the “I want to stay up all night” times; thank you coffee for being there with me.

A cup of coffee snuggled by a warm gray fuzzy blanket.

It is a rainy Sunday morning and today it is with deepest sympathies that I say goodbye to you my old friend.

As I savor this last cup of heart-warming goodness, I know I will not shed any tears upon our departing; mostly because you dehydrated me and my body doesn’t have any water to make tears for you.

I know you will be close-by, sitting there on the shelf at the store; and I will pay you a visit on occasion as I pass through your aisle picking out grocery items.

Thank you for yellowing my teeth, for making my skin wrinkly, for the bags under my eyes and for making me jittery when jittery was a thing. Thank you for making me pee, for making my breath smell like a loo and for giving me the energy to play hopscotch on a sunny afternoon.

Goodbye coffee. Floyd

Depression and Social Media

I suffer from on-going Major Depressive Disorder. It is not something I would wish on any person. It is all encompassing and physically draining.

A man standing at the edge of a lake with dark skies.

I also happen to live with other traits and characteristics that do not help my experience with depression. I’m naturally introverted, prefer isolation, I’m awkward with relating to people outside of an acquaintance, I’m an extreme child-abuse survivor, I experience low self-esteem and I am just a sad person.

Juxtaposed to what I just said, and not being narcissistic, I’m one of the nicest people that you could ever hope to meet – I say that proudly and so do others I have met over the years.

Because I like to isolate, mostly out of fear of people hurting me, I found that social-media (at one time) was a good outlet – so that I may feel like I am a part of something – and perhaps feel wanted or needed just like other people. It started out fun! In fact, in 2016 I got my name on national prime-time television thanks to social-media. And, another time I was discovered by a radio DJ in the United Kingdom and two of my music compositions were played for a week in that country. And, I have had quite a few chuckles along the way with banter given by other social-media users.

As time went along, social-media seemed to change and as the months and years have gone-by I find it no longer appealing. I feel this way mostly because of the way other people treat me (and others) on social-media.

I have used the “3-pillars” of social-media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and I’m knowledgeable with navigating the platforms and using them to increase my exposure to whatever goal I wanted to achieve. That being said, it is not enough.

I have found just over the past year, there seems to be more anger, belittling of other people and uncaring attitudes from a vast number of users on these social-media platforms. None of these things I mention do anything to help my personal situation. To this day I have yet to have any meaningful conversation with any social-media user which, again does not improve my situation.

I have deleted my Facebook account and my Instagram account and will hopefully not return. I keep my Twitter account active only because I have invested much time in some projects that Twitter can sustain. I have found I cannot put any trust in Twitter with regard to developing any friendships. I am in the process of training myself not to focus too much on tweets from users of that platform. And, most users of Twitter could care less whether I live or die – so why even go there?

There are other social-media platforms that are more focused on a niche market that I do utilize. Since I like to make music and share it with people around the world, I like to utilize Radio Airplay which is in-essence social media using music. A few years ago I managed to get some of my music heard by at least one individual in 92 countries! That is quite different than the “3-pillars” experience, where I am mostly ignored. And there are many other platforms aside from the ones mentioned here.

All-in-all, I find that the “3-pillars” of social-media do not work for me; they may work for others, just not me due to my personal situation. In the end, for me, social-media is about being wanted, being needed, feeling camaraderie, experiencing humanity as I would expect in-real-life.

I hope you have yourself a great day. Floyd

Lucid Dream #102

Well, I was very hungry and my cupboards were showing signs of emptiness, so I went to the store and came back and prepped a big meal.

As is the case when I eat a big meal, after about an hour, I get really sleepy. Today was not an exception. So I eventually got cozy and fell asleep.

A sunset over a lake with a deep blue sky.

I normally get into REM sleep quite frequently and today was the same when I napped.

I also had one of my usual lucid dream experiences.

Today’s lucid dream experience was quite exciting. It went something like this…

I’m walking my dog outside. A police car drives by slowly and I turn to look at the police car. The police officer is looking at me and waving and has a big smile as to say “Hello!”. The car continued on it’s path for a few seconds when it stopped.

When the police officer waved at me, I had stopped and stood with my dog. I’m noticing that the police car had stopped, I thought he may be waiting for me to pass him by, perhaps to say a verbal hello as I walked by. A few more seconds go by and there is not any activity. At this point, a few more seconds go by and I’m wondering – is he waiting on me; or is he going to get out of his car? I stood a few more seconds and thought “Something is not right.”.

So, I quickly walked a few steps to get into line-of-sight so I can see him and I see that he is slumped over.

Immediately, without hesitation I knew something bad has happened. And, without thinking twice I had to jump into “Superman” mode.

I quickly walked up to the car, his window is down, I see him slumped over and out cold. I reach in to feel his pulse, I cannot find a pulse.

I grab my phone and call 911. The dispatcher doesn’t seem to comprehend that already 20 seconds has gone by and this officer is non-responsive, I become frustrated and decide to take action.

I put the phone in my front pocket with the speaker facing outward so I can at least talk and have two hands free. My dog is in tow, so I open the door, tie my dog to the door, reach into the car, put the transmission into “Park” and unbuckle his seatbelt.

Now the hard work began, he was a giant man so I grabbed him by the back of is collar and with all my might I begin to drag this man out of his car. I’m yelling, I’m only 5’8″, so I’m really putting in the effort to drag this man out of the car to the pavement to perform CPR.

After doing this, I put him in the proper position for breathing, yelling into the phone “CPR! CPR!”. The dog is going crazy yapping, I’m out of breath from hauling him to the pavement and then doing a few quick breaths to start CPR. I start compressions on his chest to the count of 8. Then some more breaths. Then, again more compressions. Twice again, back and forth. Suddenly, a cough! Oh my God! He’s back!

The part of this lucid dream that makes it a “lucid dream” is that I was able to replay the event four times in my dream and each time refining and getting the sequence of events needed in the correct order so that I could save this man’s life. It worked!

When the event was over, I looked up and people were standing afar who were watching what happened; some recognizable locals. The county sheriff shows up on the scene. The locals start clapping and I’m worn out and have to sit on the pavement a while to compose myself.

I titled this blog post “Lucid Dream #102” because I have already had at least 100 or more in my lifetime; so the next one I blog about will be “Lucid Dream #103”.

Have yourself a great day. Floyd.


I started my blog a few days ago and made a list of topics I would like to blog. Loneliness made it to the top of the list. Way to go loneliness!

I shared in my introductory post about this topic and will go into it again today. This thing we call “loneliness” seems to fill my humble abode everyday. It is sad.

A person alone in a foggy forest.

My living situation is quite different than many households and sometimes I experience shame regarding this. There is a constant quietness every day that would have other people shedding tears.

The most noticeable aspect of my household is that there is no radio blaring music, no television, no sounds of people with conversations, no traffic noise, no chaotic events or anything one would consider normal in a household.

Aside from my chocolate-colored retriever, who doesn’t talk to me, there are no people here – ever. There are no phone calls. Nobody knocks on the door to check-in on me. I do not have any family members. I do not have any friends. There are no letters in the mail; no birthday cards – not even any dearest sympathy cards.

I’m considered an introvert, but my life did not used to be like this. Many years ago I was out and about doing things, going places, working my butt off. However, as aging has set in, change in location and living with on-going illness, loneliness seems to have found a home. Loneliness has lived here many years now.

The only conversations I do have are the ones that are called “short banter” at the grocery cashier or the post office. Sometimes I can go weeks without talking to any person.

So this is why I started my blog; to give myself an outlet to express myself without hindrance. And maybe someone else out there in this big world who is experiencing something similar will read this and not feel so alone.

Have a good day. Floyd.

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